Thursday, June 17, 2010

Love of writting

I just love writting. This semester I've enrolled in a AV workshop class and guess what? My favorite topic is Screenplay. Bad writting makes me angry, specially if I have to read it. I can't stand a writter who thinks obscurity passes for ingenuity or that he can hide the lack of content, or the lack of grasp on the content, by flooding the text with incomprehensible jargon. It just pisses me off.

As a fan of quality journalism, I just subscribed to The Economist online. And I found a little gem in their site: their style guide. Sorry, dunno if it's available for non subscribers. I guess they should be paying me. Or at least letting me subscribe for free. All the marketing I do for them...

Well, the first text I read about screenplays in my class was rather direct: If you want to write well, you have got to practice. And practicing I am! I guess this is a exercise, right? Writting stuff in my blog? I don't know who reads this. No one probably...

This blog started as an experiment. The theme was never clearly stated and that is good. It was about my metaphysical rantings. But it has a purpose now! It's going to be my training ground for better writting. I wish I had critics here to provide some sort of feedback. Better get started on it. Step one: constant updating. How does thrice a week sounds? Will I be able to assemble a audience based on three-times-a-week-nonsense? Sounds like a challenge to me!

Let's get some readers!

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