Friday, May 22, 2009

On this blog, it's name, it's author and the first post

Deep trance states are regarded as 'altered mind states'. I contend such alterity concept, for all mind process are about altering states... So why name just a bunch as 'altered'? Let's not pretend there is a 'normal' mind state, ok? Let's get rid of all prejudices... Let's just talk about things and relations among things. I do not believe in anything beyond myself, for I am all the truth I am ever gonna know... So, know thyself, as they say...

Anyhow, I am starting this blog to write about anything, and, in the process, try to get to know a little more about meself. There will be one underlying proposal: I am here to talk about my thoughts. They are generally a huge mess, but you know, we only make sense of messes similar to our own mental mess so hopefully I will find someone who understands what I am trying to say here.

I won't define myself, for, as a famous Brazilian songwriter puts it, 'eu prefiro ser uma metamorfose ambulante...' (I prefer to be a walking metamorphose). I will come through in my writings as who I am, and they will reflect my opinion solely in that time and space so don't try to hold me accountable for any change of mind. They will be the any constant here.

So what do mind states have to do with anything? The point of the title is simple enough: I believe we are all in deep trance states and we simply don't realize it. So I won't try to look rational, organized or logical. I will simply put forward my words and hopefully receive some feedback from the Internet surfing community. That's all. I couldn't find any title more appropiate, so...

My first post is a link to a Hayek lecture upon receiving the Nobel prize in economics more de 30 years ago, and I find it to be most useful to the present state of the economy. It reflects the position of one of the greatest and humblest economists of all time IMO. Please go on and read it, there won't be one second of wasted time.

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